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When people recommend you on LinkedIn it helps establish your credibility.  In this day and age a LinkedIn recommendation could mean the difference between getting and not getting  a job.  So how do you get a person who you’ve done business with (who is probably busy as shit) to write you a recommendation?

I get asked to write recommendations a lot and it’s something I rarely have time to do.  I got an email from my friend Chad Bowe the other day that prompted me to write a recommendation for him right away.  Here is what it said:

Hey buddy,

How are things? Hope all is well. You in the US or some other part of the planet? Listen, I am trying to get some recommendations for LinkedIn. Can you write something about me in exchange for the recommendation below? Thanks in advance buddy. Let me know..

Austin visited the Bahamas upon request by the Bahamas Internet Association to present on the topic of internet entrepreneurship. Being one of the organizers, I got to spend 2 or 3 days with Austin and in that time I became impressed with his ingenuity, creativity and pragmatic perspective and approach to business (and life for that matter). Austin is a young entrepreneur with lots of ideas and a few companies already under his belt – I have a good feeling that the world will be seeing a lot more from him in the days and years to come!

What made me drop everything and write him a quick recommendation?  He had already written one for me!

If you’re trying to gather recommendations for your LinkedIn profile, try writing a short recommendation for that person first.  Flattering someone before asking them to do something helps.  If it worked on me, it is going to work on other people too.  Good luck!

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  • Contact-us

    Great post, as I’ve been beefing up my linkedin profile this couldn’t be more timely. One question though, do you have any advice on how to politely ask for a recommendation while still working at the company?

  • Austin Evarts

    I’ve never been in that specific situation but I know that recommendations are always better when you are fresh in the recommender’s head. You might want to use that as your premise. Good luck!

  • Rashaa Al Ajlouny

    Thanks for this Advice . Agree 100%