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Tenure Pic

Just like when a professor takes tenure in academia, it is also appropriate for a blogging entrepreneur to take time away from blogging.

I haven’t written a post for over 7 months, and before that, my posts were pretty sparse.  In a lot of ways, my online presence died.

The thing is, my blog has been nothing but good to me.  It has provided me with so many opportunities – networking events, travel, speaking engagements, consulting gigs, just to name a few.

If you ask me how I killed my online presence, the answer is simple.  I stopped interacting online and (most importantly) I stopped writing in my blog.  “HOW” is not the important question here though.  The important question is “WHY”.

“Why did I stop?”  Why did I “kill” the blog that has treated me so well?

I needed to take time to be that which I write about, an entrepreneur.

In the last 8 months, I created a 4 week online course about how to become a ‘remote entrepreneur‘,  I traveled through 10 new and incredible countries, I put together a team for a new startup I’m working on, I gave a keynote talk to the Bahamas Internet Association in the Bahamas, and I co-founded a social media agency.
I will share most of this with you through my blog in the coming months, but let’s just say that my time away from blogging has been put to good use!

Many entrepreneurs who don’t blog claim that they are “too busy creating businesses to blog”.  This is how I felt during my “blogging tenure”.  In my opinion, the opportunity you gain through writing a blog and the value you can provide to others, far outweighs the minimal amount of time taken from your daily schedule to write a blog.  Most people who are “too busy to blog” have never even started a blog.  Not to mention, as many of my readers will attest, being “busy” is often just a lack of priorities.

There is the opposite end of the spectrum as well, the bloggers who blog way too often about entrepreneurship and startups to ever actually play a significant roll in the topics they are writing about.

The trick to me, is finding a balance.  Taking time away from my blog to focus on entrepreneurship was my way of finding that balance.  The best thing that has come from my time off, is that I have a lot of excellent content coming out through my blog over the next several months.

In the short time that my blog has been in existence (November of 2009), it has done wonders for me and my career.  For that, I am extremely grateful!  Honestly though, the most gratifying part has been the value I have been able to provide for all of you.  Having a blog that truly impacts the lives of others in a positive way is the most rewarding part of writing a blog!  I’ll talk to you soon.