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I was recently inspired by my friend Reece Pacheco to make monthly changes in my life and routine.  He’s calling his concept 12experiments, and it stems from the idea that you don’t need a big event (like New Years), to make or test changes in your life.  My change for this month is:


I used to use writing as my “artistic outlet”.  Whether it was poetry or simply writing in my blog, it allowed me to express my thoughts and ideas creatively.  Somewhere along the hectic startup path I stopped carving the time for writing.  Well, I’m bringing it back!

Like most changes or actions towards goals, I think it’s important to start small and build momentum.  I’m starting with just 30 minutes per weekday to get my writing muscle moving again.  I expect to be spending much of my time writing for our business blog and my personal blog but will dedicate significant time to general creative writing sessions.

Based on Reece’s recommendation, I’m posting this experiment here so that it’s public to better hold myself accountable.  If you’d like to join in on the fun, shoot me a message and we can all help hold each other accountable.